About Us

We’re a small team of marketers, technologists & data scientists committed to helping creatives and brands make great content with confidence.

We spend our time geeking out over new AI and ML pipelines, hunting down cool datasets and thinking about what it all means for the creative process and content marketing.

Between us, we’ve built fast database startups, run VC-backed startups in the US and UK and founded one of the world’s first social media agencies. We made Codec to empower marketers and creatives with the empirical evidence they need to make better decisions and we are proud to have worked with some of the best in the business since founding Codec in early 2015.

Our Team

Martin Adams
Tom Graham
Mark White
Ekaterina Volkova-Volkmar
Tom Blah
Alice Humphreys
Gillis Van Den Broeke
David Shawcross
Angus Donaldson
Jonny Wallace
Mahmoud Hanafy
Jacek Filipczuk
Sebastian Graham

What we believe

We believe the world discovers and learns through ‘stories’. Our goal is to provide the ultimate understanding of how content captures audiences, so that the right people hear great stories, told just for them.

Social has given us an immense opportunity to understand why good content works, all the way down to the choice of words or visual elements in an image. Good storytelling will always be a human endeavour but artificial intelligence can play a huge role in ensuring content resonates with the audience.

The best storytellers draw from a huge variety of inspirations, bringing together the unexpected in exciting new ways. We live for great stories, so we built a machine that intelligently filters through the noise of the social internet in search of the surprising and wonderful.