Artificial intelligence for content marketing

Uncover the motivations and passions of your target audience


The user journey

target audience identification

Select your audience

The audience you wish to analyse can come from three sources:

Social handles: gain a deep understanding of your own audiences or of your competitors’ audiences.

Choose an audience from over 1000 Codec-owned pre-built audiences: Codec tracks over 1000 online tribes and the content they consume – from people interested in fishing, to people interested in fine wines.

Build your own custom audience: if you have your own data and information, such as customer emails or marketing personas, we will work with you to unpack these and map them to our system.

understand your audiences motivations

Receive your analysis

Using sophisticated AI and machine learning, from natural language processing to neural nets, Codec turns incomprehensible big data into marketing-specific action items that any creative or strategist can put to work immediately.

actionable insight

Inform your creative decisions

Codec’s insights are designed specifically to take data out of the hands of just data analysts, and give it to creative and strategic thinkers to use immediately to inform any decisions around content.

Understand an audience’s interests and affinities

content marketing tool

Codec provides a hyper-detailed view of a target audience’s marketing-specific interests and affinities through a comparison against 1000s of tribes already tracked by Codec. These are core content pillars and invaluable in setting high-level brand strategy and fleshing out content creation briefs.

Time series
See how those interests are changing over time

Deep dive into the specific interests and preferences of your target audience over time. See interests that are trending up, plateauing or trending down so you can catch a trend, or make reactive strategic content investments.

audience interests over time

Personality analysis
Connect with your audience as people, not numbers

audience interests over time

Codec identifies the core personality types within a target audience through psychographic mapping of their written text and content preferences. This provides a detailed insight into the people that make up a target audience, giving brands the chance to connect with them on their terms.

Image analysis
Creative visual insights at your fingertips

Codec uses deep image analysis to identify the visual imagery that engages a target audience, allowing creative teams to rapidly understand what does and does not work, leading to a faster and more accurate creative process.

Content marketing recommendations

Platform, format & content
Optimise platform and format for your content

content marketing tool

Codec surfaces successful content for a particular target audience along with the key online platforms and content preferences that motivate the group. This lets brands create and target exactly the right types of content to engage a target audience

Pick the most relevant influencers to use

Codec identifies the optimal influencers, YouTubers, bloggers, celebrities and brands that have an impact on a target audience, along with the key moments in an audience’s calendar and cultural life which can be leveraged through creative partnerships.

influencer analysis