Global Unilever ice cream brand Cornetto wanted to gain insights into a millennial Snapchatting audience, in order to identify which influencer from their shortlist would deliver their message most authentically and with the greatest ROI.
Our insights were used to select Joshua and brief him on the type of content the audience required. The resulting campaign achieved:


increase in engagement ROI compared to their previous influencer work (with Little Mix)


higher brand uplift within the millennial segment, compared to Cornetto’s previous influencer marketing campaign

Unilever provided us with a demographic target audience with no cultural detail, and a list of affinity brands and publishers they had identified through social listening. Alongside this, they provided us with a shortlist of influencers that they were considering for the project, based on their reach within the demographic.
Using Cornetto’s inputs Codec built an ideal target audience and revealed the cultural tribes within that audience. Cornetto selected their tribes based on their cultural theme, market size and social media interactivity. We ran a similar analysis on the social engagers of each influencer from the shortlist.
Cornetto selected “Millienial Fashionistas” and “Woke Youth” as the tribes that presented them with greatest opportunity for engagement. Despite having different cultural passions, both had a huge affinity for funny, heart-warming content and irreverent satire. We overlayed this data set with the social engagers of each of their shortlisted infuencers to score those that would have the highest chance of engaging and delighting their two chosen tribes.
We identified Joshua Pieters as the influencer with both the highest resonance with the tribes and the strongest presence on Cornetto’s desired platform.