Eve, the D2C mattress company, came to Codec with a desire to move beyond demographic marketing and increase online mattress sales across the UK.
“The work Codec did doubled our revenue overnight and completely transformed our business” - Kuba Weiczorek, Co-Founder & CMO
Eve provided us with a broad definition of their young, affluent and entrepreneurial target audience based on age, location and household income, as well as behavioural traits that they believed personified their target consumer. This included things ranging from a love of green smoothies to achievement-striving behaviour.
Using our Target Audience Segmentation algorithm, we were able to identify from these inputs a collection of high-opportunity organic cultural tribes in the UK. Eve selected the tribes that best aligned with their brand and sales objectives. The selected tribes were “Urbanites” and “Home Planners”.
Our analysis revealed that these tribes favoured long form written content, and that there was significant unfulfilled demand for content around leadership, self-improvement and spiritual wellness. Eve changed their advertising to reflect this: instead of placing images of matresses on posters and in digital content, they instead developed a piece of long-form content for OOH and online campaigns.
Eve A/B tested an image-based, short-form mattress poster in six London underground locations. It was pulled one week later, after being out-performed by the long-form poster based on Codec recommendations. The long-form poster was able to position Eve as a performance enhancing mattress that helped people achieve their daily goals. Eve then implemented our recommendations in their December-February 2016 London underground campaign.
Content created using our insights led to a 2x increase in monthly revenue and 3x increase in brand awareness. Additionally, Eve responded to the target audiences demand for holistic wellness content by exploring topics such as meditation in their branded content.