Nespresso needed to define and populate their 3 pre-conceived Global consumer tribes and find an effective way of scaling these tribes down to accurate, actionable local insights for country-specific markets.
“Static information isn’t great because it’s not the reality. Codec shows what is happening right now and the cultural changes and updates as they occur.” - Sophie Dufouleur, Content & Social Media Global Lead for Nestle, Nespresso
Nespresso provided us with ‘Media Declarative’ personas by TGI, ‘Social Affinities’ data by Profiler and CRM ‘Survey Data’ conducted by Ipsos.
Using Direct Persona Translation, we transformed Nespresso’s existing brand research to create tribes within France, US, Australia and the UK. This resulted in a precise definition of relevant, real-life communities of social media users within each country.
Codec then combined each tribe’s country-specific components to create accurate global insights. Nespresso used this to obtain country-specific insights and to create alignment between global and local markets on an ongoing basis.
This definitive understanding of their tribes’ consumer acitvity formed the basis of their brand strategy moving forward. Nespresso’s long term purpose around sustainability was enhanced as a result of certain trends emerging through deep-diving into their Codec tribes. This also inspired a partnership with Caran d’Ache to produce a limited edition pen made from recycled aluminium coffee capsules, and designer furniture made from recycled Nespresso pods.