Passion Point & Interest Analysis

  1. Detailed analysis of your target audience’s passion points from their interactions with 3rd party content.
  2. Actionable & shareable content strategy and enhanced content briefs.
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What it is:

This module analyses the level of engagement that the audience has with any particular interest. We track over 1,500 cultural interests across multiple European, South American, North American and Asian countries and territories to understand the interests that truly resonate with a target audience.

Codec tracks billions of content interactions from millions of users across social media, categorised into our 1500 interests, and we do this in real time. All of this information forms our core database and becomes information that you, as a brand manager, CMO or content creator, can tap into to better understand your audience and make strategic decisions with confidence.

Use cases:
  1. Identifying topic pillars for the content you will create.
  2. Justifying your brand or content strategy.
  3. Developing tighter briefs for your agency.

Interests Over Time

  1. Track how the audience’s interests are changing over time.
  2. Catch a rising trend, or create evergreen content based on stable interests confirmed over time.
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What it is:

By tracking an audience’s interests over time, you can understand the motivators for your target audience’s interests. Codec understands the 3rd party content that your audience interacts with so you can gauge how events over time impact their interests.

By having multiple data points, you can catch trends with your content. Alternatively, you can choose less volatile interests to be the pillars of your content, if you’re producing a higher budget, longer production-cycle piece of content.

Use cases:
  1. Catch rising trends
  2. Find the perennially engaged with interests for more evergreen content.
  3. Attribute the impact of a cultural event on your audience.

Personality Analysis

  1. Understand the core values and personality traits within a tribe or audience.
  2. Identify the core personality types through psychographic mapping of their written text and content preferences.
  3. Ensure the right tone in your content and dramatically increase shareability, affinity and purchase intent.
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What it is:

The personality module gives you deep insight into the dominant personality type in your audience by showing you how this personality measures across 48 traits covering the Big Five, values and needs. We also highlight some of the most archetypal members of each personality profile. In addition to these metrics, you will also see:

  1. Image wheel which represents this personality
  2. Likes and dislikes, dos and don’ts for this personality
Use cases:
  1. Understand tone of voice for target audiences.
  2. Understand the deeper layers of your personas and tribes.
  3. Confirm the audience’s core values and motivations.

Optimal Platform & Format

  1. Make precise tactical content decisions without having to A/B test.
  2. Frame creative ideation with knowledge of the formats and platforms that resonate with your audience
  3. Maximise the effectiveness of your content through smart distribution.
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What it is:

This module shows you the best performing type of content for your target audience – what format it takes and what platform it is distributed on.

The format component shows you the nature of the content that your audience engages with – whether it is long-form articles, social images or social videos. We measure the rate at which they engage with a particular format compared to the general population.

The platform metric shows the most engaging original source of content. For example, a high reading for Pinterest means that content hosted on Pinterest is popular with that audience.

Use cases:
  1. Identify fertile platforms and channels that matter to your target audience
  2. Identify the most effective method of distribution for your content.
  3. Identify the most impactful content format for your target audience.

Visual Imagery Analysis

  1. Through deep learning and neural nets over millions of types of image, see the visual imagery and elements that most engage your target audience.
  2. Rapidly understand what genres of image content works best.
  3. Identify the framing, colour, tones and topics that are in-demand from your target audience.
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What it is:

This module shows you the genres of images your audience cares about from a deep understanding of the 3rd party content they consume across the major social platforms – both the most commonly used visual elements, and the most appealing image types.

Codec can identify the percentage likelihood that content of a certain genre will beat global performance averages. This module identifies common image clusters to help debias creative strategy and content creation.

For each image genre, we also show you a word cloud which represents the top hashtags that appear alongside the images within that cluster.

Use cases:
  1. Provides the creative spark for content creation.
  2. Use the most relevant hashtags for your audience for more effective distribution.
  3. See insight mood boards based on the target audiences content behaviours.

Trending Content

  1. Identify the recent, real-time content that is trending among your target audiences.
  2. Click through to immerse yourself in the specific content that your target audience is spending time consuming.
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What it is:

We track the engagement of billions of pieces of 3rd party content around the topics your audiences love, across social media and social bookmarking, to surface the trends and news items rippling through your audience right now.

Use cases:
  1. React to a piece of news relevant to your target audience.
  2. Repost the trending content.

Media Planning Reports

  1. Track exactly where your target audiences spend time online so you can target them effectively, increasing ROI.
  2. Customise entities you do, or crucially do not, want to target against in order to protect your brand and increase effectiveness of targeting.
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What it is:

From billions of content interactions, Codec can see the top entities (brands, publications, events etc) followed by the target audience.

Use cases:
  1. Evidence based inputs for media buying
  2. Pinpoint your specific target audience when you buy media with precision targeting.
  3. Add detail to your custom audiences when media buying.


  1. Pick the most relevant and resonant influencers to use for creation and distribution.
  2. Identifies the optimal influencers, YouTubers, bloggers, celebrities and brands that have an impact on your target audiences, and identify from content interactions what topics influencers would most effectively explore with your target audiences.
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What it is:

Identify the influencers that have the most resonance with your target audience by understanding which influencers have an impact in topic areas that matter to the audience.

Use cases:
  1. Choose an influencer with the best ROI.
  2. Broker a better price with influencers by putting data at the heart of the conversation.
  3. Validate your choice of influencer with clear visual data.