Identify, understand and activate high-value consumer communities.
We start with what we know

Engagement with content on social media platforms - created by highly relevant publishers, influencers, brands, organizations and thought leaders - is how we define the initial audience.

We can start with your brand, category, target persona or go broader to look at cohorts or macro consumer trends.

Cast the net wider

We overlap audience engagement data on social platforms to uncover new insights and enrich our definition. Capturing what we don’t already know.

It’s a bit like Netflix, “people who watch this also watch this.”

Organize into Communities

Our algorithms then capture, classify and organise millions of content URLs into groups of shared interests, values and behaviours.

These are the cultural communities your audience participates in and the growth opportunities for your brand to evaluate and activate.

What we do


We use input signals and key data from publishers, creators, influencers, and brands, offering a relevant and representative snapshot of the market.



We build and enrich audiences on social platforms using input signals and overlapping engagement data, capturing 'known unknowns'. This process maps uncharted areas, combining data on interests, topics, and key influencers to deepen our understanding.



Our algorithm identifies and validates communities by detecting patterns in tagged data, revealing natural clusters among millions of content URLs.



We obtain and deliver a detailed view of the audience universe, linked to our initial data points, featuring a wide array of interests, topics, creators, publishers, leaders, and brands.