280% campaign uplift through data-driven community focus.

Campaign Uplift

Frank's redhot revolutionises uk market penetration with targeted community approach.


We helped Frank’s find their voice in the UK

Frank's redhot ignites uk audience engagement with 280% campaign uplift through data-driven community focus and overcomes uk audience resistance with data-driven community engagement strategy.

A big, bold brand in the US, Frank’s Red Hot was struggling to find its voice and cut through with heat and hot sauce lovers in the UK. The Frank’s team wanted to understand how to flex global strategy to better align with local culture and identify resonant partners and activation opportunities to get Frank’s firing again.


We captured and enriched hot sauce lovers through the content they engage with online. We were able to understand the tone and grammar of their world, as well as they places and occasions they gather around. As well as shaping content strategy and TOV guidelines, Codec insights led to a series of influencer partnerships and brand activations at events and festivals across the UK.


The results were instant and impressive. Content created from Codec briefs achieved 280% uplift vs brand benchmarks.

The Frank’s UK brand team were recognised as creative innovators within the McCormick group and Codec was adopted as key partner across the brand portfolio.