94% occupancy rate vs 65% industry benchmark.


Putting fresh cultural & creative energy behind a global hotel brand.


Bring new positioning to life in local markets.

Ibis Styles needed to develop a global creative platform to bring the new positioning to life in local +20 top-tier local markets. Our algorithms analyze over 1 billion aggregated and anonymized content engagements every day, so now you can tap into communities and address them in a way most relevant and engaging to them.

With the help of Codec, Ibis Styles revamped its brand to stay relevant with modern lifestyle trends. To make sure this change really sticks in different parts of the world, we started working on a big plan. This plan will help them show off their fresh style and vibe in more than 20 important markets globally. It's like making sure everyone hears the same story, but in a way that fits where they live and what they like. This way, they can connect with people all over and build strong relationships with them. In essence, it's about spreading the exciting new energy of Ibis Styles far and wide, so everyone can be a part of it.


The goal was to empower and inspire creators to embrace their authentic selves in meaningful spaces. This approach emphasised the fusion of culture, creativity, and personal expression, ensuring that guests could immerse themselves in a vibrant and authentic experience. Insights from Codec helped strike a balance between artistic expression, individual style, and the unique flavors of local cuisine and beverages.Under the banner of "CITY UNLOCKED," a comprehensive program was launched to integrate Ibis Styles hotels into creative communities and immerse guests in local culture, all through their room key. This strategy aimed to not only attract guests but also to create memorable experiences that would resonate with them long after their stay. By infusing each location with elements of creativity and community engagement, Ibis Styles sought to differentiate itself and establish a strong connection with guests on a local level.


The adoption of the platform by all local markets marked a significant achievement, indicating its effectiveness and adaptability across diverse regions. Within the hotel spaces, the curated activations succeeded in turning them into vibrant destinations, enhancing the overall guest experience. Codec's expertise in identifying suitable partners for activating the in-culture program proved invaluable, resulting in the establishment of a robust partnership network comprising over 200 members and continuing to grow.A standout example of the platform's success was evident in the launch of the Copenhagen hotel, executed through the "UNLOCKED" playbook. This launch surpassed expectations with an impressive 94% occupancy rate, significantly outperforming the industry benchmark of 65%. This success was attributed to the platform's ability to strike the right balance between creative arts, personal style, and the authentic flavors of local food and drink. By seamlessly integrating these elements, the hotel not only attracted guests but also provided an immersive experience that resonated deeply with them, setting a new standard for hospitality excellence.