Supercharging reach and engagement through strategic collaborations.


Increase brand reach and engagement by tapping into local cultural leaders in key markets.


Supercharging reach and engagement through strategic collabs.

By collaborating with local influencers and partners recommended by Codec, Ibis achieved an 80% local relevance in their global strategy and a 25% increase in localised collaborations, striking a balance between global consistency and local relevance, ultimately enhancing reach and engagement.

Striking a balance between a cohesive global strategy and the unique needs of local markets was the challenge that Ibis was facing. Diverse cultures, varying content consumption habits, and localised community preferences came in the way of designing a strategy that resonated across key markets.


We mapped global community definitions to their top five markets for targeted insights. We then identified and partnered with the top 10 influencers across 20 key cities. The output of the project was developing briefing packs and activating guidelines to local teams.


The Codec team put together an influencer/partnership process that was ready for the Ibis team to pick up and run with.Our work empowered local teams to collaborate with community-specific creators and ensured cohesive global strategy implementation with a strong local relevance.