60% ROI uplift and 4X CTR increase with Codec platform.

Click-Through Rate Increase
Video Completion Rate

Moncler elevates targeting precision with codec community data integration.


Moncler enhances targeting precision through integration of codec community data.

"Using codec community data insights to level-up contextual targeting for moncler. Codec's insights enabled moncler to achieve a remarkable 60% uplift in roi through a/b testing, a 4x increase in click-through rates, and an 80% increase in video completion rates, signaling a significant improvement in audience engagement and campaign performance. "

Moncler had access to a lot of information about their customers. They struggled to understand the wider interests and passions of their audience. This limited their ability to reach customers who didn't fit into their existing customer profiles making it difficult for them to tap into untapped market segments.


To address this challenge, Moncler turned to Codec for a comprehensive solution. Codec identified and matched cultural communities aligned with Moncler's target audience, validating these segments based on size and income demographics, and CRM matching. This approach enabled Moncler to enrich their existing consumer definitions while uncovering entirely new growth communities in the cultural landscape.


The results were transformative. Leveraging Codec's insights, Moncler achieved a remarkable 60% uplift in ROI compared to legacy definitions through A/B testing. Furthermore, the implementation of Codec's targeting strategies resulted in a remarkable 4X increase in click-through rates, signaling a significant improvement in audience engagement. Notably, Moncler also witnessed an impressive 80% increase in video completion rates, demonstrating the profound impact of Codec's data-driven approach on enhancing campaign performance and audience connection.

Working with Codec has been extremely insightful! Moncler has run its very first media campaign in contextual programmatic, enriching its database and integrating consumer data into its CRM.
Claudio Bevilacqua
Worldwide Media Director // Moncler