Repositioning a sleeping giant through culture to accelerate growth.

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Adidas wanted to expand their audiences and drive deeper emotional engagement with their users.


Repositioning a sleeping giant through culture to accelerate growth.

Nokia's historical dominance in the mobile phone industry was unquestionable. However, as the technological landscape evolved rapidly, the company found itself facing formidable competitors like Apple and Samsung.

The goal was to empower and inspire creators to embrace their authentic selves in meaningful spaces. This approach emphasised the fusion of culture, creativity, and personal expression, ensuring that guests could immerse themselves in a vibrant and authentic experience. Insights from Codec helped strike a balance between artistic expression, individual style, and the unique flavours of local cuisine and beverages.Under the banner of "CITY UNLOCKED," a comprehensive program was launched to integrate Ibis Styles hotels into creative communities and immerse guests in local culture, all through their room key. This strategy aimed to not only attract guests but also to create memorable experiences that would resonate with them long after their stay. By infusing each location with elements of creativity and community engagement, Ibis Styles sought to differentiate itself and establish a strong connection with guests on a local level.


Codec's approach to repositioning the brand centers on understanding and engaging with various consumer communities within the target market. Through thorough community exploration, Codec immerse Nokia in the environments where our target consumers interact, gathering valuable insights into their behaviours and values. This allows us to identify four key consumer communities and trends that shape Nokia's strategy.Guided by a culture-led approach, we recognise the importance of cultural trends and narratives in shaping consumer attitudes and behaviors. By analysing cultural insights, we identified opportunities for brand alignment and resonance, ensuring that our messaging and creative content feel authentic and relevant to the target audience. This cultural sensitivity forms the foundation of our strategic framework, enabling us to develop a unified brand positioning that resonates across diverse consumer communities.The culmination of our approach is the development of a global creative platform informed by local Codec cultural insights across key regions. This platform serves as the foundation for Nokia's brand messaging and creative execution, providing a unified framework that can be adapted to resonate with diverse consumer communities worldwide. By leveraging insights from local Codec teams, we ensure that our creative platform resonates with the unique preferences and sensibilities of each community, striking a balance between global consistency and local relevance. Through this approach, we aim to create meaningful connections with our target audience, driving engagement and loyalty as we reposition the brand for future growth.


The repositioning initiative powered by Codec yielded impressive results within a remarkably short timeframe of just 10 weeks. With buy-in secured from all regions, the revamped brand strategy and creative platform were successfully rolled out across the top 5 markets, ensuring a cohesive and unified approach to repositioning the brand.The impact of this repositioning effort was quickly apparent, particularly in North America, where post-launch results showed a remarkable 11% increase in quarterly sales. This significant uptick in sales demonstrates the effectiveness of the repositioning strategy in resonating with consumers and driving tangible business outcomes.By leveraging the insights and expertise provided by Codec, the brand was able to swiftly adapt to the evolving market landscape and connect with consumer communities in a meaningful way. The success of this initiative underscores the importance of a data-driven, culturally sensitive approach to brand repositioning, ultimately leading to measurable growth and success in key markets.