The most successful category launch of 2022.

New Growth Communities
Creative Briefs
6mo Revenue

Stella Artois needed to drive growth by connecting their new product to the most receptive audiences.


We found a way to connect with real users.

Our algorithms analyze over 1 billion aggregated and anonymized content engagements every day, so now you can tap into communities and address them in a way most relevant and engaging to them.

Stella's reputation as the beer of choice for sports fans and casual drinking was holding back the brand's growth into more affluent audiences. In order to win market share from craft beers and more expensive brands, they created a new brand product and brand platform. Au Naturel was developed - an unfiltered beer, designed to appeal to fans of organic lifestyle, and slower living than the faster-paced drinking culture of the brand's core audiences. The question was - who were this new untapped audience of target customers?


Finding the right communities was the first step. analysed engagements with organic lifestyle, slow living and community spirit and uncovered the perfect groups of like-minded consumers for Stella to target. The combination of high speed AI across big data sets of content engagements, and the expertise of the Codec strategists pulled the right influencers, creative look and feel, and tone of voice for each community, to feed multiple creative briefs that launched the new unfiltered product in the UK


The cross-section of's content algorithms ensured Stella Artois were briefing their creative with confidence, and putting in the right places online. The launch was the most successful in category in 2022, driving £14m of sales in the first 6 months.

"Codec has been at the heart of shaping Stella Artois’ growth strategy in meal occasions. Their cultural-first approach to building audiences and insights has allowed us to build an authentic, yet distinctive role within a cluttered environment for brands."
Meg Chadwick
Marketing Manager // Stella Artois