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Understanding new audiences

Before you plan and create content, Codec’s platform enables you to invest in content that resonates with existing and untapped audiences.

understand your audience

Understand your
specific target audience

find new audiences

Find new audiences

real-time insights

Get real-time
customer insights

100% increase in sales with content that resonated with their audience
eve thought they needed:
a visual campaign focusing on high quality product images.
Codec revealed:
eve's audience was information hungry and responded to long form content.

Create with confidence

Codec is the only content marketing platform that understands people’s interactions with rich media across a range of social platforms over time. This gives you the most accurate prediction of what audiences care about.

understand your audience

Understand what
content your
audience wants
before you make it

target audience analysis

Move beyond existing
customers and
prospect for audiences
you don’t have data on

important moments for your audience

Speak to the right events
and trends by
understanding audience
motivations across
multiple channels

Why our customers love us

100%increase in MoM
mattress company eve mattress
320%increase in user
conversion rate
creative social network
138%increase in content
restaurant chain YO! Sushi

Working with
Codec doubled
our revenue

1471364842-4495302-28x20-quotewhiteKuba Wieczorek
Co-CEO eve Mattress

Eve mattress

Using Codec, we
fast tracked our
progress by
12 months

1471364842-4495302-28x20-quotewhiteRicardo Porteus

The clearest, most
helpful presentation
of social media data
I ever received

1471364842-4495302-28x20-quotewhiteRobin Rowland
CEO YO! Sushi

YO! Sushi
FMCG brand Unilever Comfort
FMCG brand Unilever Cornetto
spoken word platform Audioboom
online gaming Gaming Realms
FMCG brand Unilever Comfort
FMCG brand Unilever Comfort
FMCG brand Unilever Comfort
FMCG brand Unilever Comfort

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