Global Audience Intelligence
for Distributed Teams

Drive brand growth using AI to understand and unlock audience culture.

From insight to activation, Codec-identified Tribes enable cross-team remote collaboration and smarter marketing decisions at the speed of culture.

Connect global teams and agencies to the Codec platform and put shared audience insight at the heart of brand-building.

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Codec exists to help brands make sense of the rapidly changing consumer environment, through this unprecedented shift to digital

We’ve spent five years working with the most sophisticated brands in the world, connecting global and local teams across all stages of the marketing workflow to underpin a shared view of their audiences in culture.

We believe that brands that connect to culture are brands that grow.

Our AI-powered audience insights analyse hundreds of millions of digital content engagements in real-time. This gives brands a unique view through the eyes of their audiences - their personalities, the topics they care about, the people and brands that influence them, and the visuals that define them.

Up-to-the-minute digital audience intelligence

Understand, connect and engage your growth audiences at pace and scale. AI-powered insight keeps you abreast of what matters most to your audiences, as it happens.

Connect the marketing workflow

Codec cultural audience insight plugs into your existing data sources. Put the customer at the heart of your marketing strategy, leveraging cultural intelligence across research, strategy, brand, content and media.

Collaborate across distributed teams

Add unlimited users to the Codec platform, bringing together local and global market teams, agencies and partners with a single shared customer view.

“Static information isn’t great because it’s not the reality. Codec shows what is happening right now and the cultural changes and updates as they occur.“

Sophie Dufouleur, Content & Social Media Global Lead at Nespresso

Best AI Product
in Marketing

2019 Winner

Upstream thinking

Our tools and analysis will transform the way you build strategy and allocate spend. Use Codec to drill down into what target audiences are passionate about, the platforms they prefer, and the best ways to connect with them.

Locate and definenew audience opportunities where your brand can grow.
Create contentthat will resonate naturally and spark wider engagement.
Research and buildyour audiences in a GDPR compliant way.

Winner for Best AI Product in Marketing 2017 & 2019


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Nominated for Innovator of the Year


Nominated for Hottest Artificial Intelligence Business


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Better insights. Better content.

Traditional approaches to audience segmentation produce results that are quickly out of date and hard to integrate into the creative process. Meanwhile, social listening provides a very limited view as it relies on subjectively chosen keywords.

Using machine learning and big social data, our platform provides unbiased, actionable insights into the different audience networks where your brand can drive deeper engagement.

“By breaking down mass audiences into meaningful groups of people with shared passions, values and behaviours, Codec helps ambitious brands to stay relevant - even as they scale.”

Kiira Laurikka, Research & Insight Analyst at Codec

Global reach. Local relevance.

Codec analyses audience data from dozens of culturally distinct international markets. So even as you expand your brand footprint, you can maintain a focus on local content preferences and discover new and less obvious market opportunities.

Our GDPR compliant methodology is trusted by the world’s leading brands
Measurably better marketing
Codec’s insights have been proven to help brands build stronger connections and grow their share of voice.
Improved engagement with Nespresso’s sustainability content
Uplift in social engagement
Increased targeting and relevance of Eve Sleep’s marketing communications
MoM Revenue
Identified the best influencer for Cornetto’s social campaigns
Instagram engagement